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esmBot uses a mix of environment variables and JSON for configuration.

Environment Variables (.env)

To make managing environment variables easier, an example .env file is included with the bot at .env.example and can be used to load the variables on startup.


  • NODE_ENV: Used for tuning the bot to different environments. If you don't know what to set it to, leave it as is.
  • TOKEN: Your bot's token. You can find this here under your application's Bot tab.
  • DB: The database connection string. By default the sqlite and postgresql protocols are available, but this can be expanded by putting proper DB driver scripts into utils/database/.
  • OWNER: Your Discord user ID. This is used for granting yourself access to certain management commands. Adding multiple users is supported by separating the IDs with a comma; however, this is not recommended for security purposes.
  • PREFIX: The bot's default command prefix for classic commands. Note that servers can set their own individual prefixes via the prefix command.


These variables that are not necessarily required for the bot to run, but can greatly enhance its functionality:

  • STAYVC: Set this to true if you want the bot to stay in voice chat after playing music/a sound effect. You can make it leave by using the stop command.
  • TENOR: An API token from Tenor. This is required for using GIFs from Tenor.
  • OUTPUT: A directory to output the help documentation in Markdown format to. It's recommended to set this to a directory being served by a web server.
  • TEMPDIR: A directory that will store generated images larger than 25MB. It's recommended to set this to a directory being served by a web server.
  • TMP_DOMAIN: The root domain/directory that the images larger than 25MB are stored at. Example:
  • THRESHOLD: A filesize threshold that the bot will start deleting old files in TEMPDIR at.
  • METRICS: The HTTP port to serve Prometheus-compatible metrics on.
  • API_TYPE: Set this to "none" if you want to process all images locally. Alternatively, set it to "ws" to use an image API server specified in the image block of config/servers.json.
  • ADMIN_SERVER: A Discord server/guild ID to limit owner-only commands such as eval to.


The JSON-based configuration files are located in config/.


  "types": {
    "classic": false, // Enable/disable "classic" (prefixed) commands, note that classic commands in direct messages will still work
    "application": true // Enable/disable application commands (slash and context menu commands)
  "blacklist": [
    // Names of commands that you don't want the bot to load


  "emotes": [
    // Discord emote strings to use in the "Processing... this may take a while" messages, e.g. "<a:processing:818243325891051581>" or "⚙️"
  "messages": [
    // Strings to use in the bot's activity message/playing status


  "lava": [ // Objects containing info for connecting to Lavalink audio server(s)
      "name": "test", // A human-friendly name for the server
      "url": "localhost:2333", // IP address/domain name and port for the server
      "auth": "youshallnotpass" // Password/authorization code for the server
  "image": [ // Objects containing info for connecting to WS image server(s)
      "server": "localhost", // IP address or domain name for the server
      "auth": "verycoolpass100", // Password/authorization code for the server
      "tls": false // Whether or not this is a secure TLS/wss connection
  "searx": [
    // URLs for Searx/SearXNG instances used for image/YouTube searches, e.g. ""
    // Note: instances must support getting results over JSON